Date: 1984                                            

History: The Match Play Championship is another staple in the competition calendar. As mention in the Club Championship section above, there was a desire to have two separate championships once the Club Championships changed to four rounds of stroke. Hence the Match Play Championships were born. The Match Play Championship Trophies started in 2020.

Rules: The match play is played in three grades. A Grade 0 – 12; B Grade 13 – 19; C Grade 20 +. All play is to be off the Blue Plates. The qualifying is over two 18-hole stroke rounds. There are 16 players to qualify per grade. The qualifying score is the combined 36 holes scratch score per player. The final round of A Grade is a 36-hole playoff. B and C Grades are an 18-hole playoff. Once the list is posted and during the tournament if a player cannot play their game, they cannot be replaced. The opponent receives a bye the next round. If a player is late for their tee time, they are disqualified. All rounds of the Match Play Championships are to be played from the plates.

List of A Grade Match Play Champions

List of B Grade Match Play Champions

List of C Grade Match Play Champions

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